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1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945

Obituary Explanation

Most of the deaths recorded here have been obtained from the various staff publications issued by J. Lyons & Co Ltd and more recently by Allied Domecq plc. Of these, some died while still in employment but the majority are deaths recorded are of pensioners. It is not known what criteria was used to record the deaths of employees, and retirees, prior to 1946 when the Lyons first pension fund was constituted. From an inspection of the early Lyons Mail magazines, which were originally published to report the activities of the Lyons Sports Club, few deaths were recorded. First published in April 1913, the first obituary appeared in the Lyons Mail issue of December 1914. It recorded the death of Henry (Harry) Gluckstein (08.11.1914), and of Albert Morris Marks (16.09.1914). A third death was also recorded of Edward Craven (22.09.1914) who was killed while serving on HMS Aboukir during the First World War. Hardly any deaths are recorded of one-time employees who left to take up employment elsewhere, and who subsequently died

Although only limited, irregular coverage of deaths appeared in the Lyons Mail magazines from 1914, more regular coverage of deaths were given from 1963 and, from May 1985 when the new style Lyons Mail was published, all pensioner deaths appear to have been recorded. This arrangement continued, through various issues of pensioner magazines, until September 2003 when all staff publications ceased. A few dependent pensioners (wives/husbands of pensioners), some of whom worked for Lyons but left before pensions were introduced, have been added to the list. Likewise, some who left to take up appointments elsewhere, and who were not Lyons pensioners but have since died, have also been added. Some issues of the various publications have not been inspected at all and therefore this list is incomplete. Those deaths due to wartime activities are recorded on the Lyons war memorials.

Those publications and sources which have been consulted include
The Lyons Mail
The Lyons Journal
Happy Retirement (a 12 page insert in Choice magazine and published by Allied-Lyons)
Now & Then (published by Allied Domecq plc)
Various newspaper obituaries
Contact with families

Please note. Where year of death is recorded caution should be exercised. The year dates are the dates that deaths were published and in some cases death may have occurred earlier. For example a death recorded in 2001 may have actually occurred in 2000. This is particularly relevant on the later issues of the Now & Then journal as it was issued quarterly. Relatives who are searching these records are invited to report any inaccuracies.

Omissions. If any family member of a Lyons employee - provided that employee was a pensioner, retiree without pension or died in Lyons service - notices an omission and would like a line entry or an obituary be added to the list, please contact us with the details.