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  How to Rent a set of
Hustler Action Toy Builder
(Available shortly)

Through this web site you can rent a set of Hustler Action Toy Builder with it reaching you by mail

Initially the service is available only in U.S.A; Canada and UK.

The set you receive is a standard Hustler Action Toy Builder set, made by Hustler's of Illinois in 1927-1929, less the canister, complete with 8.1/2" x 11" instruction manual with description on how to build 12 models; and a parts list for the set

Some of the smaller items - the ones most usually lost - may be replica items but these will work in exactly the same manner as the original parts.

The cost is US$20 for a period of one month, (or the pound stirling equivalent) plus insured postage for it to come to you. You will also need to pay for the set's return postage by insured mail. (Insured air mail for those living in Canada and UK)

There is a returnable deposit required of US$200 - to ensure the set arrives back on time, since others may be waiting for the set.

If you lose or damage parts there is a US$10 charge on each part. However there is an allowance of 4 P/N13 Bolts and nuts and 4 P/N 26 collars, for which a charge will not be made if these are not returned.
P/N 29 Cord can be cut and used without penalty.

Late return. The period of one month is the time between the receipt of the set by you and the return despatch. If you delay and do not send the set back by the agreed date, thereby delaying orders that follow, you will be charged an additional US$10 for the first week (or part of the first week) and US$20 for each succeeding week (or part of a succeeding week). Any charges (for late return or lost parts) will be deducted from your US$200 returnable deposit, as will the outgoing postage, which will be sent to you once the set is received back. There is no handling charge, S & H is postage and insurance at cost.

Only those who can send and receive e-mail may apply. It is a requirement that changes of e-mail address are notified immediately.

Obviously, we are not doing this to make money, but to enable others to experience handling and building models with this novel system. As we have said before, Hustler Action Toy Builder may at first glance appear to be for kids. but one soon realizes that this delightful system has something for all ages.

This service is ideal if you already have a set and wish to build a Two Set Model - as shown on the left.

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