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Hustler Action Toy Builder

Hustler Action Toy Builder was a metal and wood construction toy system, circa 1927 -1929 produced by a company famous for pull-along toys.

These pull-along toys are fully featured in an excellent web site entitled 'Judy's Old Wood Toys' and a visit is strongly recommended. The site gives a history of the Hustler firm and a full listing of their models.

My web site concerns itself with one branch of Hustler's manufacture, the construction sets sold under the name 'Action Toy Builder'. At first glance they are made for young kids. An hour or two study of it will reveal a deeper challenge for the experienced hobbyist. As the name implies each arrangement is planned to provide action and movement and to achieve this skill is required.

The photos of models are those made by the site owner and built this year, or some 73 years after the set was sold, but maybe others have photos which they will let me add. This set was obtained from an eBay auction.
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If you own a set and have designed and built a new model I would like to feature it here with acknowledgement.

Further information on Hustler Action Toy Builder can be gained through the Other Systems Newsletter (Back Issue/Back Number OSN9). 'Other Systems' refering to other than Erector, Meccano and Marklin.