race calendar


A Calendar of Meccano Races and Contests being held around the world. To include such events as 'Walking'; 'Tug o' War'; 'Climbing' and 'Robot Wars'. For Contact; Time; Venue; Rules and other matters follow the link to the club web site.

Tug of War Rules

(Webmaster: These 'Rules' are typical and are offered as guidence to Rules Committees only and may vary substantially from those in effect for any particular race. They are meant for guidance only. If you intend to participate in a contest it is strongly advised that you check with the club concerned for the rules that will be in force.)

1.......The model shall be constructed only from Meccano or 'replica' parts. (It is suggested that a definition is given of what is meant by 'replica' parts.)

2.......The model shall be powered by a single motor. (The specific type of motor need to be given and can be electric or clockwork/wind-up and various types of each.)

3........Three short parallel lines are marked on the floor or table top 500mm apart.

4........ Each model has a hitching point at its rear between 45mm and 55mm above the floor.

5.........The models are linked by cord 500mm apart with a mini-flag tied on midway.

6.........Models are started with the mini-flag directly above the centre of the three lines, with a '3..2..1..Go' called by the Judge.

7.........If one model jumps the gun a restart may be called by the Judge.

8.........The winner is the vehicle dragging the mini-flag across one of the outer lines within one minute. (Time may or may not be a feature but this counters a very powerful model geared to travels very slowly)


A.........Not all models run in a straight line. You need to advise how you will judge a model that veers off course.

B.........The Judge needs to check models before the race for conforming to the rules and a known time given for models that need to be altered to conform.

C.........Extremely out of Spec. models can still provide a spectacle but cannot compete for any prize or position.

D.........If heats are run the Judge should group the entries into like pairs - like Wimbledon.