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A Calendar of Meccano Races and Contests being held around the world. To include such events as 'Walking'; 'Tug o' War'; 'Climbing' and 'Robot Wars'. For Contact; Time; Venue; Rules and other matters follow the link to the club web site.

Rules - 'Standing Long Jump' WLMS Challenge 2003



To make a machine that can make a standing long jump - a single leap forward. The important thing to keep in mind is that this is not about firing missiles from a launch pad. No, the entire machine must make the leap, motive power and all.

Here are the rules for the challenge:

1) All parts used in the constructiom, including any springs. motors, twisted cords or driving bands, must be of Meccano or replica Meccano. "Meccano" for these purposes means a part made by the Meccano company and included in a set or parts list. "Replica" for these purposes means a part of identical size and shape to an official part, and of essentially similar physical properties.

2) The winner will be the maching that travels the furthest distance horizontally in a straight line on a single leap from a standing start: this measurement to be made from the start line to the pert of the machine landing nearest to the start line.

3) The start line will be on the floor of the hall.

4) "The machine" may not be launched by another machine. It must launch itself, carrying the launch mechanism with it.

5) Contestants may have two attempts at setting a best distance, and may adjust their machines for a short period between attempts, the length of the adjustment period being determined by mutual agreement on the day.

6) The machine shall weigh two kilogrammes or less.

7) The challenge will be decided at the club meeting on November 15, 2003