race calendar


A Calendar of Meccano Races and Contests being held around the world. To include such events as 'Walking'; 'Tug o' War'; 'Climbing' and 'Robot Wars'. For Contact; Time; Venue; Rules and other matters follow the link to the club web site.



1. Build a locomotive to run on Hornby O gauge track.

2. Use a standard number 1 clockwork motor (6 x 8 hole)

3. Meccano parts and replicas only.

4. The final transmission of power to the wheels, must be by connecting rods to the wheels. (As in a traditional steam locomotive) (ie NOT gearing etc direct to the axles)

5. Locomotive shall have a towing hitch about 1" above the track height to facilitate the attachment of a wagon.

6. The wagon will be loaded to a total gross laden weight of 5kg.

7. Objective: Maximum distance traveled by the locomotive with no load around an oval or kidney shaped track on one wind. Plus, the maximum distance traveled by the locomotive towing the loaded wagon around the same track on one wind. The locomotive with the greatest product of these distances (multiplied) will be the winner.

Track supplied by organiser. (Oval or kidney shaped layout- to get right and left corners)

Wagon and weight supplied by organiser.

Prize: Probably a kg of liquorice all sorts.