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Rules for Johannesburg.Meccano.Hobbyists 2003 mass driven vehicle contest (Falling Weight)

The objective is to build a mass driven vehicle.

Any number of Meccano-only parts may be used (or reasonable replicas thereof) can be used.

String and mass can be non-Meccano. String to be lightweight and approximately "Meccano guage". Dental floss is allowed.

The driving mass allowed is 454g (1 pound).

The mass will include the mass of any lever arm or parts of the vehicle body (if used) as weighed at maximum fulcrum.

Only the total original potential energy of the 454g mass is permitted to be used as an energy source to drive the vehicle along.

The driving mass must travel with the vehicle.

The vehicle covering the furthest distance wins.

No height limitation is imposed, but be aware that the ceiling of most hall-type venues is approx 3m. No "launching" platform is allowed unless it forms part of the vehicle and travels the same distance WITH the vehicle.

The vehicle must start from a standing start.

The mass and the constituent parts of the model will be scrutineered at the event. As a result, it is highly reccommended that the mass can be removed for weighing on a gram-accurate scale. Note that any pulley block attached to the mass forms part of the mass.

It is recommended that the mass can be easily adjusted. Should it be found that the total mass is more than 454g, it will then be possible to reduce the total mass to 454g.

Surface: likely to be hardwood, polished stage, or a linoleum-on-concrete surface. Running surface is approximately level.

Important note: Models may be required to be turned around as the stage is limited in length (+- 10m)!!!! This may hamper models that use rapid potential-to-kinetic energy conversion.

The potential energy of the vehicle can be converted to other forms of stored energy if so desired, as long as the original energy is derived solely from a falling mass.

Models will be run individually.

No time limitation is given for a "run".

Each "run" will be under the supervision of the judge.

Additional "runs" (restarts) due to jammed mechanisms, or other misadventures in mid-run will be at the discression of the judge on the day.

Competition date : 30 November 2003


Photos of some Falling Weight models