Model Building Plan....

Including 'Virtual Mec' drawings by Edmundo Veiga.

David Lawrence's 'Rope Climber' - Winner of the 2006 W.L.M.S Challenge Event


General notes:

'Virual Mec' does not currently have files for the following:
a) #760 19:1 Gearbox
b) the Battery Box.
c) #f59c plastic mini collar.

Because of this these items have been substituted by other items to resemble them.


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Power Train





The motor side of the power-train has a grease cavity behind the narrow strip alongside the main frame. Check that this already has grease in it. (Preferably Carbon grease)

The Triple Eccentric should have one drop of 3 in 1 oil applied, as should both sets of 25/50 brass gears.

No other lubrication is needed.