Model Building Plan....

Including 'Virtual Mec' drawings by Edmundo Veiga.

David Lawrence's 'Rope Climber' - Winner of the 2006 W.L.M.S Challenge Event


General notes:

'Virual Mec' does not currently have files for the following:
a) #760 19:1 Gearbox
b) the Battery Box.
c) #f59c plastic mini collar.

Because of this these items have been substituted by other items to resemble them.


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Power Train





1) The motor does not start.

If the batteries are dead the motor will gradually slow down. If it suddenly doesn't turn sometimes the springs in the Battery Box get lazy and need carefully extending. Or the spring in the Switch does likewise. This spring is accessed by removing the small Philip's head screw.

2) The Triple Eccentric does not turn.

One of the many grubscrews in the power-train is loose and need tightening. See which gear is the first one not turning.

The General Purpose gears are not in line.

3) The Rope Gates allow rope to slip.

Check the gates over to see if either is out-of-line or misformed, or if one of the springs has become detached.