Where and what is it?



Photo copyright Sue Curtis

Sue Curtis, daughter of Fred Curtis, an ex- Lyons Bakery salesman, then sales supervisor at the Tottenham depot (Northumberland Park) deceased, has contacted us with a solution to our 'Puzzle' drawing. Her claim is that it is teashop H10 Enfield. She quotes a book (A Desirable Neighbourhood - The History of Enfield Vol 3) which says that Lyons bought the property in March 1932 (which is consistent with Peter Bird's records which says that a teashop opened here in May 1932 and remained open until Feb 1975. ).

Still sceptical we asked for further proof, photographic if possible. 

Sue came back next day. 'I have hard evidence now!! The address of the teashop was 10, The Town, Enfield. These premises are currently occupied by Millets, which is right next door to Pearsons Department Store. Curiously, the address of Pearsons is 2-6, Church Street. The shop is on the corner of Church Street and Sydney Road. I popped down there this morning (it's only 5 mins down the road), and took the attached picture, which I think is conclusive!

Yes, we agree, this is pretty conclusive - just look at the window design in both the drawing and the photo. We wish there was a prize for this great bit of detective work on Sue's part, but congratulate her nevertheless.