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Courtesy Pennymachines.co.uk



. In memory of Lil' Cannon of Hackney

Courtesy Peter Rice

Courtesy Peter Bird


Courtesy Alan Chappell

Courtesy Marijke Verholt

Courtesy Peter Bird

Courtesy Josie Moffatt

Courtesy Peter Bird

.Courtesy Brian

Courtesy Nigel and Emily Bourne. The banner is dated 1964/5 and was on display outside a small shop in Basingstoke, Hants before the town centre re-design.

Courtesy Russ Mattin

Courtesy Peter Macey

Courtesy Peter Bird

Lyons Bakery promotional 45 rpm records produced by CBS special products circa 1966

This centenary bowl, measuring 5.75" in diameter and standing nearly 3" high, was made by Royal Doulton to commemorate the centenary of the Company (1894-1994). Of course the first company was incorporated in 1887 and the real centenary should have been celebrated in 1987. Over 4,000 bowls were issued to staff and pensioners alive at that time. Made of lead crystal (weight 844 gms) some bowls have small flaws (glass bubbles and rough rims). All have the Royal Doulton mark on the base and are etched Lyons Centenary 1894-1994. The style of Lyons (with a squiggle underneath the letter 'O') was introduced in August 1990.
©Peter Bird
A 33.3 rpm vinyl disc issued with Ready Brek cereal in the late 1980s. Two titles Sacha's Song and Footprints on the Moon.

This image was supplied by Caroline Pink. The Primo Comic print runwas 2 million and was presented, free of charge, with every packet of Premium Teasold in 1967. Inside the comic were competitions and puzzles and specialoffers on teddy bears, called Primo, paint boxes and inflatable globes.The goods were despatched from Greenford and Manchester.
©Peter Bird