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(12) by Derek Jones

I joined J. Lyons in 1955 and left in 1976 having worked in both the Strand and Coventry Street Corner Houses in various positions, the Cumberland Hotel and on the Steak House group incorporating the Robley group and various other inns and restaurants, also Olympia and out door catering. Additionally I was lucky enough to chosen by Harold Young to work abroad as a consultant for other companies in places such as Egypt, Israel and Nigeria.

My first post was as a member of the Corner House internal audit group, based in the Strand Corner House where a vast number of changes took place over approximately 10 years. In 1955 there were in the basement the Brasserie restaurant which had a three course table d'hote luncheon tariff and salad bowl and changed to an a la carte waiter service for the evenings complete with a 4 or 5 piece ensemble. The ground floor had an a la carte waiting service all day from breakfast through to 11.30pm. The front shop was also on the ground floor with its various counters. The first floor again had a 4 tier table d'hote luncheon and a la carte waiting services in the afternoon and evening while the second floor was a 24 hour self service cafeteria.

By 1965 or thereabouts we had the Brasserie as a reduced table d'hote restaurant lunchtimes which became the showboat restaurant in the evenings (eventually the lunch time tariff was discontinued). The ground floor still contained the a la carte restaurant but both the restaurant and the area of the front shop were reduced to introduce a Wimpy bar.

The first floor over a period of time changed completely and we ended up with a Grill & Cheese (forerunner of the steakhouses), carving room and trident fish restaurant, the second floor self service disappeared completely the majority of the floor space becoming offices for the Teashop group while the remainder became the Bacon & Egg restaurant.

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